This Place I Go

There's this place that I go way down deep inside.
I go there for my solace, and when I want to hide.

From deep within me I can think, and ponder all I see.
And no one else can come there, it's just a place for me.

I can think the things I want to think and no one else will know.
I can see the world in colors that have a special glow.

I see the things I want to see, and never have to hurry.
'Cuz no one else can come inside, So, I don't have to worry

The world looks like I want it to, from way down deep inside.
And best of all, I have a friend whom I can ask inside.

I don't have to change this place when in his company.
'Cuz the only friend I asked inside is just the same as me.

He understands the things I think, and he likes the things I do.
He likes my shades of yellow, and all the colors blue.

He likes the softness that I have, hidden deep inside.
He likes to come inside to see, this place I go to hide.

He props his feet up comfortably and never makes a mess.
He sits inside my hiding place and never causes stress.

He comes to take his solace here within my special place.
And when it's time for him to leave, A smile's upon his face.

I ask him to this special place that's hidden deep within.
'Cuz he's my dearest, kindest soul, my counterpart, my friend.

We share a special knowledge here, that no one else can find.
And I invited him inside this special place of mine.

He didn't try to change my thoughts, or colors that I see.
He took comfort in this place of mine, because it's really me.

I wouldn't have invited him if trust I did not feel.
For hidden deep within this place is all I have, it's real.

- author unknown -

Sound: Enya - Watermark