Now that you're here I will attempt to answer the questions many of you have about myself.

"Who am I and where am I from?"

My name is Jan and I live in the Netherlands,
I live in a town called Voorthuizen have lived here all my life.

"What do I look like?"

O that's an easy question, I have decided to put my picture here.

"What are my hobbies?"

That one is easy computing, chatting and testing of programs,
and al further technological stuff.
Helping people with computer problems.
When i can leave the computer long enough (not often enough
to hear my familytalk..hehe).
One of my most relaxing hobbies is making things.

"What kind of music do I enjoy?"

The kind of musici like is pop music
something like Dire Straits, Genesis, Boston, Dune,
and all kind of dance music, house etc..

Anymore'll have to ask me...Email me anytime..Thanks and enjoy
the rest of my little place on the web..:)